About Dogma

DOGMA Soft Limited is the established belief or doctrine held by a religion, ideology or any kind of organization: it is authoritative and not to be disputed, doubted or diverged from. Dogma is a Greek word which means "that which seems to one, opinion or belief", and, "to think, to suppose, to imagine".

Company Reg. No. is: -U72200RJ2011PLC036378

DOGMA Soft Limited  Is  an  ISO  9001:2008  certified  company,  Registered  by Ministry of Corporate Affairs,  Government  of  India  and  Trademark in  Business  Class  42.  DOGMA  is  an  IT  service  provider  and  Software  Company  with  a  skilled  and  competent  Staff.  DOGMA Soft laid its foundation on 2009 and education domain services  like  school, ITI/ITC, distance etc..,  IT  Hardware  and  Software  services,  web  based  services,  design  and  creative,  desktop  based  application, SEO services, Toll Free Services, Payment Gateway Services, Security  Systems and  portals.  DOGMA  Soft  stringent  plus  point  is  to  keep  the  skilled  resources available  with  best  skills  and  abilities  employed  to  ride  out  the  best  results  out  of  the  organization.  Being proven infrastructure  wise, resource  wise  and  financially  developed  clients  gain  the  advantages  of  value-based solutions  and  services  excellent  staff  and  techniques.


  • Rajasthan ’s No- 1 Company to deal with ITI/ITC 
  • Presence in 413 Districts of 33 States and plan to this year All India
  • Offering more than 51+ Services (Software Development , Web Hosting, SEO , Project Training , Hardware Services and SMS Solution)


Approximately  99%  of  DOGMA  customers  reported  being  satisfied  with  DOGMA Soft  and  the  services  it  provides.  Our   supports  is  always  available  to  hear  our  client's  issues.